At Baggio Chiropractic we utilize a tool called the Systems Survey to help us understand what systems in your body are not functioning properly and would benefit from specific nutritional support. Please feel free to print out your own copy, fill it out and mail it back to us and we’ll provide you with a full report of all findings for free!


The Necessity of Supplements
The taking of nutritional supplements has become necessary to stay as healthy as possible. By the time food reaches your grocery store, it has been leeched of vital nutrients that are necessary for the proper functioning of your body. From the genetic manipulation of seeds, to the processing of food to the point that it has more chemical content than actual food, there has been a dramatic affect on the way our bodies are able to function. When your body is not given what it needs, but is forced to make due with what it gets, it cannot function correctly, and over time loses its health and vitality. Supplements have become the only way to give our bodies what they are unable to receive from diets alone.

What Should You Be Taking?
There are certain supplements that virtually everyone needs to take because they provide vital nutrients that we either do not get enough of, or that have been totally eliminated from our food supply. There are also many supplements that are more specific to an individual’s needs. We are able to determine your specific needs are by performing our Nutritional Analysis which includes the Systems Survey. Taking any supplement just because it sounds like you need it can cause problems. If you’re taking something that your body doesn’t need, it creates a stress on the body. Take what your body is showing a need for and life is good!
Why A Whole Food Supplement?
Whole food supplements take all of the nutrients that naturally occur in a food source and make them available in tablet or capsule form. This differs from other supplement lines which routinely isolate specific nutrients while discarding the rest. The problem with this isolation approach to supplements is that , in order for your body to actually use the isolated nutrient that you are taking (vitamin C for example), it needs all the other nutrients that are routinely discarded in order for the nutrient you are supplementing with to actually be usable by the body. Whole food supplements not only provide the primary nutrient you are taking, but also provide all of the other nutrients that coexist with the primary nutrient as it is found in nature. This makes it very usable and effectiove in the body. The isolation approach to supplements is like chewing food without being able to swallow – it’s the right idea, but not effective overall.

Dosage Vs. Potency
The Standard Process whole food line of supplements we recommend are of low dosage but high potency. Most supplement lines are of a high dosage and a low potency, which means you are given an abundance of isolated nutrients, most of which you will no be able to use. The problem with high dosage supplements is that there is not where in nature, in our food supply, that high dosages of anything are found. Because our bodies are designed to get their nutrition from food which contains a natural dosage of nutrients, our bodies don’t know what to do with the overabundance of the isolated nutrients they are being exposed to. This creates a stress on the body, something we should try to minimize in life. This mega-dose, that has now entered the body, starts to create other problems. In order for your body to process the mega-dose, it needs all of the other nutrients that have been discarded in the making of the supplement. If the nutrients that are routinely discarded are not present along with the mega-dose, the body must search for and rob different areas of the body for them, thus eventually causing a deficiency of these nutrients and creating a different set of health problems resulting from the deficiency. Standard Process whole food supplements come in dosages similar to what is found in nature, thus creating no stress on the body. Just as important, all of the other nutrients that coexist with the primary nutrient are present in the supplement, making it immediately usable by the body. Everything is used and needed by the body, and nothing is wasted. A supplement that is this rich in nutrients and usable by the body is a very potent supplement. Low dosage and high potency means no stress and high effectiveness in the body.

Supplements & Diet
Don’t waste time and money on supplements if you’re not willing to improve your diet. Supplements are at their most effective when they are used to supplement a diet that is already healthy. Taking supplements does not provide carte blanche to eat poorly. A healthy diet should be enjoyable, allow for occasional uses of fun food and be balanced in high quality protein(lean meat, poultry and fish), carbohydrates(fresh veggies and fruit. Minimal usage of breads, pasta, rice, potatoes, cereal, sweets and sodas) and fats(olive oil, nut butters and raw nuts). The benchmark to aim for is a diet that has a maximum of 100 grams of carbs per day which is a lot of food if its mainly coming from veggies!