About Dr. Jim

Many years ago the soon to be Dr. Jim entered this world in a traumatic way, as a forceps delivery that caused severe contusions over most of his head and scalp.  It wasn’t until his father carried him into a Chiropractors office at 16 years old after injuring himself while weightlifting that it was revealed that the forceps delivery had caused severe damage to the vertebral structures in his neck resulting in advanced nerve pressure.  This not only explained the severe back and neck pain that resulted in his first Chiropractic visit but it also provided answers to the weekly migraine headaches and severe allergies he suffered from since the age of four years old.  He received his first adjustment that day and was able to walk out of the office he was carried into.  With regular care the migraines and allergies became non-existent and for the first time in his young life he would no longer be scolded by teachers for laying his head on a school desk due to migraines and he could finally go outdoors in the summertime.  Life became good and he knew at that moment that he would become a Chiropractor!

About Baggio Chiropractic

In 1988 Dr. Jim graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, the worlds first Chiropractic college established in 1895 in Davenport, Iowa.  After graduation Dr. Jim taught for a year at Palmer and then served as an associate Doctor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then returned to the Midwest to open Baggio Chiropractic in Franklin, Wisconsin.  We have been in the same Franklin location since 1991.  Due to Dr. Jim’s childhood experience with Chiropractic, he realized from a young age that Chiropractic was way more powerful than soothing low back aches.  He knew that Chiropractic could save and change lives as his had been changed.  So, for the past 25 years we have been working to help change lives by promoting a healthy lifestyle of living through education, regular Chiropractic adjustments, healthy eating, proper supplementation, healthy exercise and stress reduction, management and awareness.  Understanding what a healthy lifestyle really is can make disease and reliance on medications unnecessary.